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187 29 62 : LIP - Panoramic Black Target
Short Description
The Panoramic Black Target model is timeless thanks to its retro style and to its French know-how. The dial reminds the target of a darts game. The dial’s graphic design makes the Panoramic model more modern. The contrast between silver indexes and black dial gives a strong character to this model.

History :
The Panoramic model, designed by Fred LIP, is an amazing innovation of LIP brand. The production began in the middle of the 50’s. The originality of this model is the glass which wraps the case. Actually the case is hidden by the glass and the glass itself replaces the bezel. The glass’ shape and the way it is fixed on the case is an innovative watch-making technique. This innovative construction offers a panoramic vision and gives the impression of an extra–flat watch. It makes the reading of hour very comfortable and easy.
HKD 1,138.00 / pcs

  • watch reference
    187 29 62
  • strap reference
    M size lenght 225 mm / 144 592
  • battery type
  • case
    stainless steel / synthetic glass
  • dial
  • strap
    black / genuine leather
  • movement
    Miyota 2015
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