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187 30 32 : LIP - Himalaya 1954 Gold Silver
Short Description
LIP - Himalaya 1954 Gold Silver (fred lip 1954)
HKD 1,238.00 / pcs

  • watch reference
    187 30 32
  • strap reference
    M size lenght 225 mm / 144 610
  • battery type
  • case
    stainless steel / 30 m / synthetic glass
  • dial
  • strap
    brown / light lining / genuine leather / white stitching
  • movement
    ronda 1069

Spécial Fred Lip Ferrari, 410 Superamerica SI 1955

Frédéric Lipmann
grandson of the founder of the brand Lip, left in 1928 to the United States and visited watchmaking factories and assembly plants of motorcycles.

This stay will influence its vision, its methods and its creativity.
In 1936 then, Technical Director of the
company, he develops agreements of manufacturing with the Russians, for the military markets.
in Free Zone to Issoudun during the occupation period, he works out with the watchmakers Lip to create calibres who are, even today, big modernities such as
T18 and R25.

«Genius» for some, «madman» for the others, Fred Lip upsets the traditions.
He establishes the in-service
trainingand the annual paid leave and signs a advertising contract with Radio Luxembourg where every hours is
« RTL chose Lip to give you the exact hour».

Under its management the fame of Lip does not stop progressing and the company counts up to 1770 persons for 300 000 watches produced at the beginning of the 60’s...

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